Sunday, 1 August 2010

First day in Colombo

1st August

Spent the day wandering around the lovely area we are staying in Colombo with all the embassies and tree lined boulevards. It is sultry but much less oppressive than the heat in Dhaka and Delhi.

We have a meeting tomorrow morning at the British council, where we have to give a professional presentation on our projects and what we hope to achieve in Sri Lanka - so we needed to find where it was.Luckily right next door there is the Cricket club where we were able to have the traditional meal of sandwiches and chips. My burger was even called Freddie's Fillet o fish (I assume this is Freddie Flintoff right?)

As we were wandering the streets getting lost and going in circles, we stumbled upon the sea. It is lined with railway tracks and razor wire, very dramatic looking against the dipping sun and wind blown tourists.

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  1. Hi Kate, time you posted some new photos I think. What are the travel plans for August now that you have reached country No. 3?, enjoying your bloggs very much. Remember, Your employer needs you!!