Sunday, 1 August 2010

Fair Trade Forum Fair Wage Conference

30th July

Fair Trade Forum – India, Fair Wage policy for Fair Trade Organisations.
We had the opportunity today to attend the Fair Trade Forum India’s fair wage talk this morning. It was an excellent meeting where we got to meet some very influencial people there. I also saw Roopa Mheta again (from Sasha) she is also the president of Fair Trade Forum India. We also saw Anannya Bhattacharjee of the Asian Floor Wage campaign who was giving a talk. It was great to hear these people who are at the forefront of the Fair Trade movement from a grassroots level speak about the issues that they believe are affecting fair wages the most. The consensus came down to education, of workers, and also buyers – a common theme running through all arguments, the western buyer needs to give slack on their pricing to allow for better wages to be paid – this needs to be backed up with a truly transparent pricing structure.

From here I went to do some last minute shopping and went to get my hair cut at Madonna’s salon – very exciting to get rid of my split ends , sadly they can’t get rid of frizz – he blow dried it straight and the moment I walked outside it turned into the yeti.

To celebrate my last night in Delhi, and to keep me up for my early morning flight to Colombo, we decided it was a good idea to go out. So we put on our glad rags, and I exposed my legs for the first time in a month and we headed for Morrisons Café, I don’t think its namesake would have been particularly proud – they were playing good music but it was dead for a Friday night. So we went one floor up to Shooters where they were playing crap hiphop but it was far more packed so here we danced until they turned the lights on.

Got back home at about 3.30am – thought it was a good idea to get an hours sleep before being picked up at 4.30 by the taxi. Woke up feeling fuzzy and slightly confused…

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