Sunday, 15 August 2010

Architecture and children

14th August 2010

We visited the home of Geoffrey Bawa today - it is very pretty and green and set on the side of a lake. I would quite like to live there.

Then we went to a charity called EACT (Educate a Child Trust)where their main aim, among many others is to educate children. The children gave an amusing Kandian dance performance - tres sweet.

I think I have visiting places fatigue - I can't think of anything exciting that happened, but we did get to eat at home and Zoe made a yummy stir fry and then we went to the cinema where we got to watch faded action heros including Sly, Arnie and Mickey Rourke look disturbingly worse for wear - their faces look melted and re-moulded by a child. But an excellently terrible film.

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