Sunday, 1 August 2010

British council presentation and Beth's birthday

2nd August 2010

Today is Beth's birthday. Zoe bought a banner and balloons from the UK - so we had a little breakfast party with watermelon. The perfect way to start the day.

Our presentation at the British council went very well, and everyone was suitably impressed. We were then free for the rest of the day so we headed out into the wilds of Pettah market... A very subdued market really by any standard - but we had a great time looking around at the various curios we will probably end up buying along the way. We had a South Indian lunch of thali and masala dosa, we were all very impressed by the flavours, no subtlety here! From the bustle of the market, we went to the fanciest department store in Colombo, Odel. We thought it pertinent to do a little comp shopping for our interview next week - it was only fair to try on a few things and marvel at the prices and do a little shopping whilst we were there.

We found a local bus to Mount Lavinia, which is a few k's south of Colombo. It was hot and sweaty and very crowded, personal space did not enter into the equation. As we got further away from Colombo centre it began to thin out and we were able to sit down. We did not know exactly where the hotel was, so our bus driver actually took us further than the last stop and gave us detailed directions, can you imagine that happening in London???

Mt Lavinia hotel is AMAZING, it is huge and white and colonial and surrounded by palm trees and choppy surf. We had dinner right on the beach of battered cuttle fish, deep fried sprats, chilli prawns and huge steaks of a game fish I can't spell beginning with S. We sang happy birthday to Beth and drank long island iced teas.

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