Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Back to nature

7th August 2010

Today we didn't really have to do any work, but that did not mean the schedule stopped! We visited a tea factory just outside Kandy - it seemed unchanged since it was built in the late 1800's. Then on to the tea museum, where of course we had to buy some tea and have a cuppa up in the clouds. No stopping we went onto the Botanical gardens, absolutely beautifully maintained and well landscaped - it puts many richer countries to shame. We were able to stop and have lunch under a big banyan tree. They have a really cool orchid house where we got to see a bride and groom (who looked like an inflated matador in his traditional dress) they looked hot and uncomfortable and not too pleased to be there.
Then we went to the market and bought the biggest avocade I have ever seen! Then on to the temple of the tooth, the most sacred Buddhist temple in Sri Lanka where Buddha's tooth is kept in a little box and only bought out on special occassions. We were there for the evening ceremonial beating of the drums. A very colourful experiance.

Then of course dinner was back at 'The Pub' where we had just salad - to hell with the risk of tummy trouble, we want something raw! That is how hardcore we are.

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