Sunday, 29 August 2010

Dubai Airport

Sitting at gate number 213 at Dubai airport dreading what will inevitably be a quick and brutal snap back to reality as I have to begin writing up all the amazing research I have had the opportunity to conduct.

The four of us spent yesterday avoiding talking about what awaits us at home and instead indulged in our favourite holiday past-times. Zoe and Beth went shopping...again and Saida and I spent the day at the beach (we only got a little crispy this time.)

We had a great dinner at the Cricket Club and then they left me at 10pm to get their flight with out me. But as Saida said, I started this adventure alone so I must finish it alone. Just a like a true explorer, with all the lying on the beach, good food and shopping I can truly be proud of myself that I have conquered middle (to upper) class Sri Lanka.

I don't think I will have anything to update for a while, so good luck finding something else as riveting.

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  1. welcome home honey.. hope you had an ok flight home.. ours was pretty painless.. sleep and more sleep! bet u were glad to not wake up to me pottering at 6.30am today! hehehehe.. love ya. xxx