Friday, 23 July 2010

Train to Delhi

Having left Miki in Dhaka on his way to China, as I sit here on the train to Delhi, I feel very much alone and sorry for myself. I am bitten all over, my right eye is swollen, I have a racking cough and a fever, why is it when I was travelling with someone I was fine? Now, I am far less than fine and feel like having a little weep into the slightly soiled sheets. To top it all off, there is no privacy in 2nd AC. Indian families, although very friendly and inclusive, are also very inquisitive – I have been plied with dubious ‘medicines’ which I felt obliged to take as they watched and sticky sweets which I had to reject (much to the pain of the lovely woman offering them.) Last night, I was kept awake not only by my copious ailments, but also by tinny Bollywood tunes being blasted from mobile phones and the old man sleeping next to me hawking and singing jai ram. The train is of course delayed by 3 hours and there is no reception for me to call Arti.

Yes that’s right everyone, woe is me! I expect your sympathy by post.


  1. Reminds me of waiting on the Delhi platform listening to constant announcements "the train from ??? is 18 hours late, we apologise for any inconvenience". Take care of those bugs.

  2. Hi Woe, this is my 3rd attempt!! and I felt sure my last message was more composed, but, I lost it! The gist being that your travels are making anything I have ever done pale into insignificance, am truely impressed by your endeavours. Seems as though India operates in a different slipstream and supreme patience is required. So tell me, are you know travelling alone? Apart from the Mango incident what has happened to your comrades? Do you get to meet up with them again on your travels? Keep the faith, you will be back in London before you know it longing to be on a long train journey in India I am sure.

  3. only a smidgen of sympathy as this seems to be only a slight glitch in an otherwise wonderful trip :) xx

  4. My amazingly organised first aid kit (its a wonder to behold!!) is ready to cure you once you arrive safely in Sri Lanka! And i'm sure after a month stuck with me you'll be raring for a bit of peace and tinny music quiet heehee! You sound as if you have had an amazing time already - so jealous - but very much excited to be joining on the end of your trip! Whoo one week to go! Marmite is packed! love Zoe xxxx

    p.s for some reason it will only let me sign in as the Sri Lanka blog - my computer must be feeling my excitement haha!