Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Back to Dhaka

8th July 2010
I spent the morning going over People Tree samples with Lota in the sweltering product room. After so many years of not understanding, I am beginning to realize that between power cuts and very limited internet connectivity that what they get done is quite amazing. Along with the technical failures, my body also seems to be failing, concentration and energy levels are pretty low and it is a struggle to finish what I need to get done.
We leave for the Thanapara train station after our last lunch of the bony but amazing river fish. The train station is tiny and just like Swallows idyllic complete with swaying palms and wandering hens.
We arrive back in Dhaka feeling slightly worse for wear at about 10.30pm, but there is nothing for it to go out – out in Dhaka, I can’t think of a better place, a dry country, with limited late night transport…. After much investigation, our very friendly hotel manager agreed to take us (Me, Antony, Miki, Louise and Charlotte) to the Radisson hotel out towards the airport, where they have a night club in their underground carpark. The best part about the club is its name, “Thunder Down Under”. It should have been a sign really. At the entrance there is a sign requesting you leave your firearms at the door, the entrance is a smoke filled corridor, and the main area is dark and crowded with people trying to dance like Shakira, but to some unidentifiable Bangra/R&B mix. The women were all very aggressive, not surprising considering (as we found out later) they are prostitutes and we were on their turf…. Beers cost 500 taka, over one week’s wages for a garment worker. Seedy, un-friendly and a little bit un-nerving – just your average night out in Soho.

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