Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Chittagong to Dhaka

19th/20th July
So wake up to Miki looking even worse, he starts to think about getting a flight back to Dhaka. I balk at the idea - $100 – that’s like a 5th of my budget! So we decide to part ways at Chittagong. We have to get a non-AC bus, which means more than the heat, that it is even more rickety. But I forget about it as we roar through the countryside and the wind hits my face as does stray bits of tree.

We reach Chittagong and Miki is feeling well enough to agree to come with me via night train to Dhaka instead of fly. So we wait around until 10pm for our train. We booked first class non ac, it is not first class – it is shit class. It is so dirty, but we do have our own lockable compartment, and we can open the window, which is not possible in AC. I sleep well, I love sleeping on trains, the gentle rocking motion and hot air send me off. Miki is not so lucky and is attacked by bedbugs.

Silas is at the station to pick us up, so lovely and easy just to be led to an auto and dropped at the sparkling clean YWCA in Farmgate where I shall reside until my night bus to Kalkata.

Sad to be leaving Bangladesh, but excited about seeing India again!

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  1. Hi Kate. Been reading all your blogs today and it sounds like you're having a great time. Remember how lucky you are to have this experience!
    Take care and hope to see you back at work in a few months time (havent had a decent cup of tea since you left!!!).