Tuesday, 27 July 2010

India's best practice brands

24-25th July

I am sure that you will all be pleased to know that I am on the mend now. I have spent the last few days recuperating with friends in Delhi. It was great to stay with a family and have home cooked food.

Was able to mainly rest and recover, we took little excursions to Dili Haat – the BEST place to go shopping in Delhi for useful trinkets. The Sandhu’s were slightly disappointed at my lack of shopping enthusiasm. I only have myself to blame as the last time I was here I doubled my luggage weight in a matter of days. But I did find some very pretty embroidered slippers, which I really needed.

We also visited Fab India, where again I was able to control myself. Fab India is celebrating its 50th anniversary. It was started in 1960 with the idea of marketing traditional Indian crafts, it is now HUGE and the stores are always packed with Indians and foreign tourists. They sell good quality printed cotton and silk clothing and homeware at fixed prices. Fab India promotes a different mode of producer empowerment through community owned companies, where a minimum of 26% of the company is owned by the workers.

Anokhi is similar to Fab India, but slightly more minimal in their designs and in their shop layout. It has not taken off in quite the same way as Fab India and their stores are relatively quiet. Instead of sourcing from around India, they make all of their products in Jaipur. Their focus is on the revival of traditional textile techniques. Their block prints and appliqué is beautiful. I have to persuade myself that buying a queen sized quilt is not necessary, I have succeed for the time being and have left it for another lucky customer.

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