Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The cheap(er) side of town

12th July 2010
As People Tree are no longer paying our expenses, Miki and I decided to find a much cheaper hotel in a slightly more dodgy area of town, we decided on a part of Dhaka just north of Old Dhaka in the illustrious Hotel Pacific. The room is pokey and the bathroom is not exactly clean (unless cigarette butts and hair in the drain count?) But you can’t go wrong for 400 taka each right? It is not AC though, so we shall see how that works out for us….
We went for a wander at night and found a little restaurant packed with locals and serving roast chicken kebab – they were AMAZING. Just carbs and protein, no vegetables – who needs them anyway? Miki went for a shave in a barber and then proceeded to eat one kilo of mangoes. After gathering an admiring crowd, we decided it would be best to head back towards the hotel.
The good news is that although the final was only a day ago, they already seem to be forgetting who Spain are (the mango seller did give him a champions discount though) they much prefer talking about NZ and Daniel Vitori (and I pretend to know what wickets are…)

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