Tuesday, 27 July 2010

more delhi...

26th July
Arti has had to leave for Mumbai for more research, so I have moved to another friends house. Aiman and I study together in the UK and she is back in India for the holidays. Hopefully we will be a good influence on each other and get some work done.
Aiman and her housemate Apoorva took me on a tour around Delhi – showing me the sights and all the dug up areas in anticipation of the commonwealth games (good luck getting it all finished by October!) Aiman is an amazingly calm driver amidst the jams and wandering people - we end up going to City Select mall which has many UK and US brands – Zara has just come and it is doing really well. As it is Monday morning, it is relatively empty – but after lunch it begins to fill up as middle class kids seek respite from the constant heat.

We go from this relative calm to Janpath market, which is in Connaught circus. This is the flea market in Delhi. Most tourists end up here at some point, and if you have always wondered where travelers get their uniform of harem pants and head scarves – this is probably it.

I am about to head out and buy ingredients for the simplest dish I can think of to cook for my hosts – spaghetti! But I will try to grill some aubergines too. Luckily it has just rained and the temperature has dropped to a luxurious 25 degrees, what a treat.

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  1. Hi Kate

    Connaught.....circus...flea market....what are you trying to say about your part time employer????

    After your last blog, myself, Cathy and Siobhan all have a message for you 'Stop Whinging and just get on with it'! Cathy and Siobhan are now telling me off for including their names in my insults.

    Only joking...we are all glad to see you are feeling better and back on form.

    Take care